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Pen & Paper RPG Advertisements — LiveJournal

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June 7th, 2012

10:53 am - Community rules [sticky post]
This is a community for advertising games that use Pen-and-Paper game systems (Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire, Champions, etc.), either face-to-face or online.


1. Please post ads only for games that use or are based on pen-and-paper game systems.

2. Do not advertise celebrity or free-form games based on novels, movies, videogames, TV shows, etc. in this community. If you want to advertise one of those, try communities like rpg_promo or rpg_connect. Posts advertising non-pen-and-paper-based games will be deleted (ads for games that use pen-and-paper systems based on media properties [such as Eden Studios' Buffy the Vampire Slayer game] are acceptable). This means no ads for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy, etc. games - unless you're using a pen & paper-based system to play them. Any posts that violate this rule will be deleted.

3. Please make sure that all images are no larger than 400 by 400 pixels, or placed behind an LJ-cut if they exceed those dimensions.

4. Please limit advertisements for a particular game to one ad per week for the first month, and one ad per month after that. Any posts that violate this rule will be summarily deleted.

5. Don't post quizzes, memes or the like in this community; save those for your own journal.

6. This community is for game advertisements, not discussion of games or promotion of LJ communities (even roleplaying-related ones). If you want to talk about games, try roleplayers (for general discussion of RPGs), gmworkshop (for gamemasters), or any of the other RP discussion communities. If you want to promote an LJ community, try community_promo.

7. Be polite. Insults and gratuitous name-calling aren't appreciated here.

8. If you believe that a post is in violation of the community rules, e-mail the Community Maintainer at pnp.rpgs@gmail.com with a link to the post in question, and I will decide if the post violates the rules or not.

Format for Advertisements (borrowed from rpg_promo)

<b>Date Last Posted:</b> (If this is the first time you're posting, just put "First time post.")
<b>Format:</b> (Journal, Messageboard, E-mail, etc)
<b>Game System:</b>
<b>Name:</b> (Name of the RPG)
<b>Contact:</b> (who to contact for more information/application)
<b>Website:</b> (email group homepage/RPG info page/messageboard/community)
<b>Minimum Age Requirement:</b> (what is the youngest age for a player you permit in your game?)
<b>Deadline:</b> (does this request have an expiration date?)
<LJ-CUT TEXT="More Information on the Game">
<b>Specific Requirements:</b> (are you looking for a certain type of character? Do players need to have a certain kind of real time chat freeware like AIM or YIM? Do players need to be experienced with the game system?)
<b>Game Description:</b> (brief overview of the specific game you are advertising)

Community created and maintained by thegamemistress.

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June 20th, 2011

06:20 pm - In a Nutshell: an In Nomine dressing room (Dreamwidth (http://www.dreamwidth.org))
In a Nutshell: an In Nomine dressing room
and count myself a king of infinite space
What if there was more than one Symphony, or more than one world within the Symphony? In a Nutshell is a dressing room-style game for any and all In Nomine and In Nomine Satanis/Magna Veritas-related characters, based on that premise. We welcome canon, original, and AU characters, and players of all skill levels (from complete newcomers to In Nomine and/or journalsgames to veterans of both). While the game is largely freeform, we also welcome players running their own plots, one-shot events, and other structured campaign-like things, as well as making their own posts or simply playing in the existing ones. Dreamwidth invite codes are available on request, and the moderator is happy to answer questions and help people settle in.
were it not that I have strange dreams . . .
main || ooc || wiki || layout || sjgames

Date Last Posted: First time post
Format: Primarily journal play-by-post, other styles accepted
Game System: In Nomine, In Nomine Satanis/Magna Veritas, GURPS In Nomine, other In Nomine variants
Name: In a Nutshell
Contact: inanutshell_mod
Website: Dreamwidth community
Deadline: None!
Specific Requirements: None! No experience with game system or style necessary, invite codes can be supplied on request, no minimum activity rates, no character approval system . . . Just come in and start playing any time, or ask the moderator or other players for help settling in. :-)

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October 3rd, 2010

08:10 am - The World of Domi RP Website
  The World of Domi 

There are many tales to be weaved, legends told of creatures young and old. Many stories etched on paper with ink and pen. Told of a world so different then ours, of secret corridors, busy streets and dark dam forests, of truths masked by lies, and lies told as truths. Quite whispers echo from the land, calling out to the great and meek. Close your eyes and focus on the inner beat, the throbbing sense rushing beneath your feet.

But before those stories are told, there are more that need to come. Stories of past struggles and present secrets. Tales long forgotten, needing to be remembered. I whisper them into the lands and people that inhabit them. If you listen closely, the world speaks. This is the World of Domi, this is me..

Live the Wonder, Join the Adventure.
The World of Domi.

The World of Domi is a fantasy world of mysterious history, strange lands and adventure. After a great war with the Giant rulers of Domi, the once slave races built a land of peace & prosperity. Then chaos ensued as many of the nations warred with each others and themselves. Much of their greatness was lost. Now the lands of Domi are rebuilding. Though some wars are happen, they are fairly contained. Adventures make a living on Domi trying to uncover her secrets, or taking part in the wars.

The World of Domi is a fantasy setting of my own design and creation. The world is slowly recovering from the chaos of war and has only recently gained its freedom from the Giants that once ruled over the world. The World of Domi comes complete with Mysterious lands, strange happenings and secret organizations. Come, create a character.

Current Mood: creativecreative

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June 24th, 2010

06:26 pm - DaeLuin: Open your eyes and dream
Visit Daeluin
Temples and Shrines
Western Continent
Eastern Continent
Join today!

Daeluin is a medieval fantasy RPG with a forum-based play by post format. Our boards currently boast over 6,700 registered users, more than 75 different RP areas, shops with hundreds of items and spells, a turn-based battle arena, guilds, and frequent, ever-evolving site-wide plots. Play style is completely free form; we do not have a set story line, canon characters, or limits on character design.

Daeluin is a realm of spell cast and swordplay where Gods and Goddesses walk beside mortals. On the eastern continent, magic reigns supreme and airships, floating cities, and ancient Temples are the norm. In the west, the population is amazingly diverse, but age-old wars continue to ravage the land. Yet now, a mysterious plague sweeps across the land, sapping all the magic from large areas of land. In these Dead Zones, all spells cease to function and life itself begins to wither. The Dead Zones are rapidly expanding, and pose a threat to the entire realm.

Come join us and experience the active roleplaying, dynamic plots, almost total creative freedom, and great sense of community on Daeluin. Daeluin has been up and running since 2002 and a short stop by will show you why!

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May 4th, 2010

07:26 pm - Homebrew Fantasy RPG via IRC on Wednesdays 6-10pm CDT (UTC -6)
We are looking for new players for a complex, character-driven series of one-shots via IRC at 6-10 PM CDT (UTC -6) on Wednesdays, starting May 12, 2010. Sign-up is separate for each game. We will help you get started if you are not familiar with IRC. While the games are usually free of adult content, we won’t shy away from it if it comes up naturally, so no minors, please. Please note, though we have moved to gaming online now, this started as pen and paper games in person. It's the same system, we merely use a dicebot instead of physical d10s. If this doesn't qualify for this community, delete this with my apologies, but it really is classic pen and paper in a digital setting.

The Book of Names setting mostly takes place on the world of Shem, an expansive and highly inclusive fantasy world where the world is physically transformed to reflect the dominant idea of the current Age and the Divine skirmish through mortal agents. The Ages of Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Weather, Flora, and Fauna may all be represented in the one-shot games. The games each revolve around different Gifts, which are immensely powerful, valuable, and dangerous artifacts made by the Divine and given to mortals.

We use a simple homebrew system which is easy to learn. We're looking for players who are open-minded, into experimenting with gameplay and characters, and from any level of experience. Our games tend to vary in focus from political thrillers to mysteries to standard quests and so on; however, they all include character-character interactions, dramatic problem solving and usually a glimpse of the grand conspiratorial mystery plots that tie the setting as a whole together.

If you enjoy these one shots, we are also looking for new players for our Saturday night epic Campaigns (these last years and take up your Saturday nights). If you’re interested in those, please, sign up for a one-shot so we can see how we’ll mesh. If you fit in and are willing to commit to a more epic game, we’d love to have new blood.

For each game, I will make a post detailing the specifics on our group blog. If you want to be a part of this, comment on the linked post (or here) or email me. Please let us know your experience level as a player of RPGs, whether you are a seasoned veteran or an innocent first-timer, and let us know in at least a few sentences what kind of character you want to play; some ideas will be posted along with the specifics of each game to get you started.

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February 5th, 2010

12:21 am - Elliquiy: Roleplaying Forums
Date Last Posted:  First time post
Format: Messageboard
Genre: Multiple (DnD, White Wolf, Warhammer, World of Darkness, and more)
Name: Elliquiy
Contact: [info]butterflyekiss 
Website: Elliquiy
Minimum Age Requirement: 18+
Deadline: N/A
Specific Requirements: Looking for roleplayers who are friendly, fun, and sociable. Our boards host a wide variety of players, and we welcome those from all walks of life. If you're looking for a vibrant and friendly roleplaying community, Elliquiy might be the place for you.
Game Description: Roleplays are of high-quality and partners and friends made are long-term. Whatever you're looking for, Elliquiy is a great place to find it. With a large and varied membership base, finding a committed and friendly roleplaying partner has never been easier.

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June 27th, 2009

07:02 pm - VIVID - Literate, Advanced Roleplay in All Genres

Date Last Posted:
First Post
Format: Forum (PhpBB)
Game System: Various, including D&D, Shadowrun, and others.
Name (of Forum): VIVID
Contact: kelkiera@vivid-roleplay.net
Website: www.vivid-roleplay.net
Minimum Age Requirement: 21 or older--those that need to lie to get past this rule should be able to fake it convincingly! :)
Deadline: Open
More Information on the GameCollapse )

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March 31st, 2009

01:50 am - Arranging A Play-by-Chat/IM D&D 4th Edition Game
Date Last Posted: First time post
Format: Chat/IM
Game System: D&D 4th Edition
Name: none
Contact: me; via Private Message, AIM (forgott0remember), or email (calamariachi@yahoo.com)
Website: none
Minimum Age Requirement: Mature
Deadline: none
More Information on the GameCollapse )  Thanks.

Edit: misspelled my email address.  Fixed it.

Current Mood: jealousjealous

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January 28th, 2009

02:11 pm - Port Lussuria - OWoD
Port Lussuria

 Port Lussuria is a moderated OWoD online VtM that has recently undergone major revisions and has reopened its doors to player. The PL game, is heavily focused upon the internal struggles and politics of the Camarilla, anarch, and Indie clans as the three struggle for control over a once free city state.

 The chat program used for PL offers more player features than even the widely popular digichats! PLs html based chat offers many player friendly features such as an inchat diceroller, character profiles that include images, character sheet storage, and more! The chat program used for this game is one of the most advanced online with MORE features to be added soon! With the site recently reopening, now is a great time to join our game!
~ http://www.wodchat.com ~
Moderated Vampire the Masquerade Online
PL Forums - PL Chat

This is a moderated game, transfers from other games are not accepted. However, because we recently opened, almost all of the player base currently are starting level characters, so there is no handicap for being a new player - your drive, and wit will determine your success in our setting - not the dots on your character sheet! If you have any questions, please feel free to hop in our chat with us in the ooc and ask any of our staff questions or review our forum.

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September 14th, 2008

09:42 am - "The Second Rome" (a CtL play-by-post game)
Date Last Posted: First time post
Format: Journal
Game System: Changeling: The Lost
Name: The Second Rome
Contact: 2nd.rome.mod@gmail.com
Website: 2nd_rome_ooc
Minimum Age Requirement: Due to the subject matter of the game, 16+
Deadline: None
More Information on the GameCollapse )

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