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Pen & Paper RPG Advertisements
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This is a community for advertising games that use Pen-and-Paper game systems (Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire, Champions, etc.), either face-to-face or online.


1. Please post ads only for games that use or are based on pen-and-paper game systems.

2. Do not advertise celebrity or free-form games based on novels, movies, videogames, TV shows, etc. in this community. If you want to advertise one of those, try communities like rpg_promo or rpg_connect. Posts advertising non-pen-and-paper-based games will be deleted (ads for games that use pen-and-paper systems based on media properties [such as Eden Studios' Buffy the Vampire Slayer game] are acceptable). This means no ads for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy, etc. games - unless you're using a pen & paper-based system to play them. Any posts that violate this rule will be deleted.

3. Please make sure that all images are no larger than 400 by 400 pixels, or placed behind an LJ-cut if they exceed those dimensions.

4. Please limit advertisements for a particular game to one ad per week for the first month, and one ad per month after that. Any posts that violate this rule will be summarily deleted.

5. Don't post quizzes, memes or the like in this community; save those for your own journal.

6. This community is for game advertisements, not discussion of games or promotion of LJ communities (even roleplaying-related ones). If you want to talk about games, try roleplayers (for general discussion of RPGs), gmworkshop (for gamemasters), or any of the other RP discussion communities. If you want to promote an LJ community, try community_promo.

7. Be polite. Insults and gratuitous name-calling aren't appreciated here.

8. If you believe that a post is in violation of the community rules, e-mail the Community Maintainer at pnp.rpgs@gmail.com with a link to the post in question, and I will decide if the post violates the rules or not.

Format for Advertisements (borrowed from rpg_promo)

<b>Date Last Posted:</b> (If this is the first time you're posting, just put "First time post.")
<b>Format:</b> (Journal, Messageboard, E-mail, etc)
<b>Game System:</b>
<b>Name:</b> (Name of the RPG)
<b>Contact:</b> (who to contact for more information/application)
<b>Website:</b> (email group homepage/RPG info page/messageboard/community)
<b>Minimum Age Requirement:</b> (what is the youngest age for a player you permit in your game?)
<b>Deadline:</b> (does this request have an expiration date?)
<LJ-CUT TEXT="More Information on the Game">
<b>Specific Requirements:</b> (are you looking for a certain type of character? Do players need to have a certain kind of real time chat freeware like AIM or YIM? Do players need to be experienced with the game system?)
<b>Game Description:</b> (brief overview of the specific game you are advertising)

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